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Update – Thank You!

Thank you everyone! Mum was recently able to receive her gift of life with a new kidney in 2023! Katie Fillion, her gracious donor, reached out to us after seeing our posts. Our sister was able to do a paired exchange by donating her kidney, creating a chain of donations that helped fulfil multiple kidney transplants at one time. We are very grateful for Katie and Shiwangi, who are both doing well.

Mum is also recovering well, praying her kidney continues to give her the life she deserves after being on dialysis for over four years.

Thank you to all of the staff of VGH’s transplant team and Surrey Memorial’s Kidney Care Centre for the work they do. Thank you to the many friends, family, and incredible people who tried to help in one way or another.

During this tough time, your shares, messages, and other acts of to help was what gave us the optimism to continue forward. All of your support in spreading our mom’s message is what led to such a gracious donor reaching out to give her another life. Words can’t describe the appreciation that we have for all of you at this moment.

Throughout this journey, many other patients going through similar conditions sent us messages to support our cause. We will continue to keep this website as a way for others to see our story in case it may be helpful to them. They are more than welcome to reach out to us. Thank you.

Katie, Shiwangi, and Poonam are all in good health post-surgery. Poonam's health condition and quality of life has dramatically improved because she received the gift of life.

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