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Initially, our mom’s illness was found after large amounts of protein and blood were found in her urine. This was done through urine tests, blood tests, a kidney biopsy, and more.

Over the past decade, our mom has tried various sorts of medications. She has tried simple things like changing her diet and taking fish oils, as recommended by her doctor. Hard medications such as steroids and various homeopathic medicines have also been taken.

However, none of the above have worked. Her Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), which indicates how well one’s kidneys are filtering the body’s wastes, has decreased significantly to the point where both of her kidneys are failing.

Since 2019, our mom has been a Peritoneal Dialysis patient. Every night, she connects a machine to her stomach through a tube. This machine passes fluids through her body, performing the role of her kidneys every night.

Normally, a person is able to function with one kidney. However, both of her kidneys do not work and she is in need of a donor. The longer she waits, the more health complications arise to her. We would be very grateful if you are able to help us find a gracious donor.

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