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Help Us

Thank you for seeking to help our mom in her search for a kidney donor. There are three main ways you can help:

1) Spread the word to your personal networks

2) Donate a kidney

3) Provide guidance if you’ve been through this process

Spread the Word

A big way to help this cause would be to share the news that Poonam needs a kidney to your personal networks. We have made a Facebook Page, where you can share its posts through your networks. This would be a huge help for our mom.


By sharing this information with your network, they will see it and possibly share with their own network, who will then see it and share it with their own network, and so on. The power of social media is tremendous. When consulting with doctors and assistants, past donors have been found by having friends and family sharing their loved ones health needs. By sharing a simple post, people around the world can see the message.

It all begins with your help! If you would like to, you can share this post.

Donate a Kidney

Ultimately, a kidney donor is needed for our mother. We are actively seeking to find a donor that can do a transplant operation in Canada. Seeing as Poonam is an at-risk individual, it is highly dangerous to travel with Covid restrictions.

However, a donor does not need to reside in Canada. They may be from anywhere in the world! We may be able to sponsor someone’s visa to Canada for this as well.

Please do get in contact with us if you are interested in donating a kidney. The first step would be to contact the hospital via email ( or via telephone at 604-875-5182 (international number 1-855-875-5182).

Provide Guidance

If you or someone you know has been through a kidney transplant process, please do contact us. We are seeking advice and found these conversations incredibly valuable. For example, a friend’s co-worker recommended putting signs on our vehicles as their neighbor did the same.

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